© Stef Stessel

© Stef Stessel

© Stef Stessel

© Stef Stessel

Memento Park



Memento Park is a wry statement, performed with a comical twist and - like every Steigeisen production - it impresses the spectator due to its strong contents and its sense of urgency. - Knack


This is political theatre of the highest degree. A performance like a bazooka. - De Wereld Morgen

For the centenary celebration of the ‘Great War’, Flanders has spared no pains or expense. However, ‘the war to end all wars’ did not keep its promise. Far from it. Since then, things have gone from each armistice to the next world conflagration. What then, is there to commemorate, and why?


On the basis of quotes from politicians, re-enactors and marketers, Steigeisen exposes the mechanism behind the centenary celebrations: the link between remembrance, politics, tourism and big business

director: Thomas Bellinck

actors: Marjan De Schutter, Joris Hessels, Robin Keyaert, Karlijn Sileghem, Jeroen Van der Ven, Mark Verstraete

set design: Stef Stessel

costumes: An Breugelmans, Heidi Ehrhart

dramaturgy: Sébastien Hendrickx

lighting: Dimitri Stuyven

sound: Donald Berlanger

stage master: Jean Schols

technician: Jimmy De Boelpaep

set: Jan Beeck, Patrick Nys, Danny Vandeput

props: Willy Van Barel

surtitling: Inge Floré

translation: Anne Vanderschueren, Gregory Ball


production: KVS & Steigeisen

copresentation: KVS & Théâtre National