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2011 / Steigeisen (Brussels) & De Werf (Bruges)

A PowerPoint performance on the search for ever more scientific and 'humane' execution methods. From the gallows, the electric chair and the gas chamber, to the lethal injection machine and back, 'Lethal Inc.' opens the doors to a shady business sector that has elevated the grotesquely abnormal to normality and routine.


For 'Lethal Inc.' Steigeisen revisits the original material for 'Leuchter', the monologue that won Jeroen Van der Ven the Young Theatre Award at TAZ 2008.

ACTORS Joris Hessels, Jeroen Van der Ven

DIRECTOR Thomas Bellinck 

SET DESIGN Geert Vandewalle

SOUND & LIGHTING Frédéric Aelterman, Lilith Tremmery, Nico Vanderostyne, Geert Vandewalle


PRODUCTION De Werf & Steigeisen

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