De Bevrijding van het Edelhert



Invited by youth theatre hetpaleis, Thomas Bellinck and Khalid Koujili El Yakoubi are collaborating on their first performance for a young audience. Theater maker and author Pieter De Buysser is writing a beast fable for a wild bunch of actors.

De Bevrijding van het Edelhert (The Liberation of the Red Deer) paints an absurdly humorous and painfully recognisable picture of an Ardennes forest where not every animal is equally welcome. Where fences are being erected in a hurry and where providing assistance to undesirable animals is punishable by caging. 

Ages 9 years and up.

co-directing: Thomas Bellinck & Khalid Koujili El Yakoubi

text: Pieter De Buysser

performance: Marjan De Schutter, Farbod Fathinejad, Maya Mertens, Ahilan Ratnamohan, Karlijn Sileghem, Jeroen Van der Ven

choreography: Ahilan Ratnamohan

scenography: Stef Stessel

costumes: Rachid Laachir

dramaturgy: Rosine Mbakam

production & technical realisation: hetpaleis

with the support of: Tax Shelter of the Belgian Federal Government: Casa Kafka Pictures Tax Shelter Empowered by Belfius/Isabelle Molhant.