© Stef Stessel

© Stef Stessel

© Stef Stessel

© Stef Stessel

De Onkreukelbare



A theatrical ‘image relay’ or else a grotesque, uncommonly intelligent and inventive retelling of one of the greatest stories in Western history. - Knack


A colourful examination of the slippery phenomenon that is revolution. - De Morgen

De Onkreukelbare is an accumulation of visual and verbal time bombs which together highlight one of the most significant turning points in Western history, the French Revolution.


Thomas Bellinck and Jeroen Van der Ven took their inspiration from the controversial figure Maximilien de Robespierre, the visionary statesman and self-proclaimed pacifist who helped send thousands of people to the guillotine in the most turbulent days of the revolution. The result is an ingeniously visualised exploration of how rebellions germinate, go off the rails and are commemorated.


director: Thomas Bellinck

actor: Jeroen Van der Ven

light / technical director: Lilith Tremmery

scenography :Stef Stessel

dramaturgy: Sébastien Hendrickx

stage master: Catherine Vervaecke

sound: Donald Berlanger

props: Willy Van Barel

surtitling: Inge Floré

translation: Anne Vanderschueren

set: Jan Beeck, Roger Campens, Patrick Nys, Herwig Popieul, Marcel Thumas

wig: Annie Vermeiren

costumes: Claudine Bogemans

production: KVS & Steigeisen

with the support of: the Flemish government