© Danny Willems

© Danny Willems

© Danny Willems

© Danny Willems

Aperçu de l'Inconnu


2015 / KVS

Perfect theatre about the woes of human imperfection. - Focus Knack

For Aperçu de l’Inconnu, author Michael Bijnens allowed himself to be infected by the greatest judicial abscess in Belgian history: the case of the Brabant Killers. Together with director Thomas Bellinck, actor Willy Thomas and designer Michiel Voet, they go in search of the cops behind the investigation's monumental failure, composing a labyrinthine panorama of the unknown.

author: Michael Bijnens

actor: Willy Thomas

director: Thomas Bellinck

scenography: Michiel Voet

assistant director and surtitling: Inge Floré

stage master: Jean Schols

sound: Steven Lorie

light design: Geert Drobé

costumes: Heidi Ehrhart

interaction of the set with the actor: Jean Schols, Willy Van Barel, Pablo Perez

set construction: Simon Callens, Thomas Ebraert, Patrick Nys, Anaïs Thomas, Danny Vandeput, Julien Vergieu

French translation: Anne Vanderschueren

English translation: Gregory Ball

production: KVS

thanks to: Aurelie Di Marino, Hilde Geens, all those detectives who assisted us in the research for this production